Only 7 Days Remaining!

We are down to our final week for our Kickstarter campaign! Thanks to all of our backers, we are currently 65% funded! However, Kickstarter is an “All or Nothing” platform so if we don’t meet our goal by May 5th, we will receive zero funding. We need everyone’s support now more than every.

We have posted several videos updates this past week. The first gave our backers some insight about the Ember Lab team. Our most recent update, The Art of Dust, featured a conversation with our Art Director, Eoin Colgan. Eoin is currently a Senior Character Artist at Riot games. In the video he describes the process of developing the film’s unique characters and creatures. Next week we’ll be releasing our final video update for the campaign focusing on the film’s plot and our two main characters.

Ember Lab Story

Art of Dust

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